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Ollie Peake

winning habits

Building winning habits is essential for long term progress towards fat loss and muscle building goals. Habits create the foundation for consistency, sustainable progress, motivation and positive feedback loops which reinforce positive behaviours.

TRAINING & movement

Gym training provides the stimulus for muscle growth and overall movement creates the opportunity to lose fat. Both compliment each other as muscle accumulation has metabolic benefits that increase energy expenditure. This is why we love to train hard!

Georgie Body Transformation - Peake Performance Client

diet & nutrition

Nutrition plays a vital role in muscle building and fat loss goals. Through developing sound nutritional habits, we can influence calorie balance, protein intake, recovery markers and macro and micro intakes. Diet is therefore a key to unlocking body composition progression.


By developing knowledge around nutrition and body composition training, we're able to make better decisions that lead to positive outcomes. These decisions can include nutritional choices, managing temptations and increasing your ability to adapt to different situations.

Mira Body Transformation - Peake Performance Client

positive mindset

Stress management and mindfulness are integral components of long term success. For this reason, we view challenges as opportunities, promote a sustainable approach to our goals and regularly provide ourselves with feedback. These measures enhance self confidence and create motivation for continued improvement.

Mariah Body Transformation - Peake Performance Client

At Peake Performance, we take a personalised approach to your fat loss and muscle building goals. We understand that individuals have different preferences and requirements, which is why all programs are tailored to suit the needs of each client. Some of our areas of interest include...

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