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About peake performance

Peake Performance was created to provide individuals with a unique strength training experience tailored towards their desired health and fitness goals.


Our training system is based upon theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which underpins our approach to coaching movement, stress management and developing self-sufficient athletes.


Building meaningful relationships is the cornerstone of the Peake Performance philosophy. It is our belief that developing; effective communication, and a deep understanding of each individual's context, are essential ingredients of the coach-client relationship.


‘Progress not Perfection’ is the maxim that best encapsulates what we strive to achieve at Peake Performance. And it is our belief that consistency is the most important element underlying progress and people ultimately realising their full potential.

Continued education is an integral element of Peake Performance’s ethos. As such, our coaches have studied under some of the industry's best coaches to offer our clients a world-class coaching experience.

these coaches include:

Daniel Kirkbride

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Sam Hall

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Conor Harris

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Athletes authority

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tom haynes

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peake performance coaching mentors

peake performance gym

The Peake Performance gym facility spans a total floor space of 45sqm and is stocked with a variety of world class gym equipment from Rogue, Iron Edge and Verve Fitness. 


Regardless of your training goals, the gym caters to every athlete and training style from strength training to aerobic conditioning. Additionally, the gym is fitted with a water cooler and toilet facilities.


The unique feature that the Peake Performance training facility offers is a completely personal training experience. This allows athletes to benefit from a low traffic setting, where training time can be maximised between client and coach.

the gym

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