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Mira started her strength training journey in 2019. In 2022, she delved deeper into her passion by studying sports nutrition with Sports Nutrition Australia. At the same time, she worked full-time as a Business Development Coordinator (BDC), taking on nutrition clients on the side. However, Mira found the BDC role unfulfilling.

Driven by her long-standing passion for helping people and seeing Peake Performance flourish, she decided to align her career with her interests. In pursuit of this goal, Mira started studying Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness. By 2024, she successfully graduated and has been thriving as a fitness coach ever since with a keen interest in women's health and fitness, body composition and strength training.


Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, I was always an active person. As a child, I explored various sports, with soccer, swimming, and equestrian show jumping as my favourites. Throughout my younger years, I owned several horses and competed in show jumping until the age of 20.

After my show-jumping career, I found myself struggling to discover another activity that resonated with me. I was feeling very lost, and gained about 10 kg in a few months, using food as comfort, overeating every chance I got and neglecting physical activity. While fortunate to avoid eating disorders, I, like many women, had a distorted view of my own body, a perspective that occasionally lingers.

As a young girl/woman, I, like most girls born in the '90s, aspired to achieve the skinny "Victoria's Secret model look". However, this desire clashed with the reality of playing various sports, which didn't align with having skinny legs and a thigh gap, a fact that devastated me.

In my early 20s, I used the gym as a form of punishment, focusing solely on HIIT workouts and weight loss, fearing weights due to the misconception that touching them would result in waking up looking like a bulky man. 

I moved to Adelaide, Australia with my partner Ollie in 2019. I developed a new passion for the gym, and started strength training, but only focused on booty exercises, still fearing growing my legs. I kept myself lean, scared of gaining weight and becoming too bulky. Over the years, my mindset shifted from training solely for body composition to prioritising performance and feeling good.

In 2022, I started my first proper calorie surplus journey, initially uncomfortable but gradually shifting my mindset. Life and training is an ongoing learning process, and these experiences benefit me as a personal trainer, allowing me to relate to many women. 

Starting weight training in 2019 transformed me. Before, I was insecure and unstructured, unsure of what to do at the gym. However, under Ollie's coaching, I started loving the gym, not only for the visible training results but also for how good it made me feel, both mentally and physically. I fell in love with the continuous learning process.

Now, I train women, empowering them to build not only physical strength but also inner resilience and determination. My passion lies in helping women build muscles, nutritional literacy, confidence, strength, and lifelong habits for success. My goal is for women to emerge from their training with me possessing these qualities, equipped with new habits to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Outside the gym, I enjoy long walks along the beach, two weekly runs (preparing for my first half marathon in May 2024), time with friends, building the business with the Peake boys, and, of course, spending time with my partner Ollie. I love travelling and visiting Sweden annually to reconnect with family and friends. I have a deep passion for animals, seizing any opportunity to hang out with pups.



Sports Nutrition Australia

Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition


Onfit Training College

Certificate III & IV in Fitness


Melbourne Strength Culture 

Training Model | Coaching Foundations


Onfit Training College

Boxing for Fitness


Onfit Training College

International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner

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