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Since graduating highschool in 2008, Alex has worked as an early childhood educator (2010 - present) and as a strength coach (2019 - present). In 2017, Alex returned to study at UniSA, undertaking an undergraduate degree in psychology, before gaining acceptance into the Honours program in 2021. Alex has also spent extended periods of time living overseas in places such as Milan and Athens.


Since I was a little boy, I have been keenly interested in sport, the human body, and the mind. These interests were satisfied on a personal level by doing my own weight training and competing in sports such as AFL, cricket and soccer. 


Within the training realm, my interests have continued to develop from a basic desire to get bigger and stronger, to a more holistic and pragmatic approach. This evolution has enabled me to appreciate the benefits of showing up, and staying the course. 

Away from the gym, I love spending time with my little girl Amelie ‘Noodles’, and partner Bec. We love getting about to any park and playground we can find, giving each other ‘springies’ and ‘zappies’ on the trampoline. But the most essential past time I have imparted on Ammy so far is a deep deep love for Jurassic Park. Although she hasn’t seen the movies yet, we have watched the Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous series on Netflix several times through. Hearing your daughter say "dad, how cool is that velociraptor" brings a tear to the eye!


Like Ollie, I’m a sport tragic. I use to routinely spend morning, afternoon and evenings watching whatever was available. In the summer I’d watch test cricket from ball one to stumps, winter was footy from siren to siren, and for a while now it’s been College Football. Although I have less time than I did in my early twenties, my efficiency has gotten better, and I’ll sneak a few highlight packages in before Ammy gets up most morning of the week. A few years ago, I decided that I would attempt to turn my passion and curiosity for psychology, something I spent plenty of my free time investigating, into a potential career pathway. So nowadays, if I am not with family, friends or in the gym, I can be found deep into a textbook or writing an assignment. I’m hoping that I will complete my Honours degree in 2022, and then continue on into either a Masters or PhD program.


I love coaching people, I love training people, I love building relationships with people, and I love empowering people to strive for and achieve their goals, especially whilst getting to lift heavy weights in the process!


2012 - 2014

Diploma of Early Childhood Education

Enable College

2017 - 2018

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Fit College


ASCA S&C Coach Level 1

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association

2018 - Current

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

University of South Australia


Mentorship Program

Ethos Strength

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